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Listing a home for sale can be terrifying. It gets a bit less scary, though, if you can get people to look at your home. The traditional way to do this is through an open house. If you want your open house to be more successful, you might want to follow the advice below.

Clean Up

This should go without saying, but you should always clean up before an open house. Hire professional cleaners if necessary, but make that everything looks perfect. This goes for the exterior of the house as well—mow your yard, pull the weeds, and clean up any debris that has accumulated over the years. This is your only chance at a first impression.

Remove Your Style

If at all possible, you should also redecorate before an open house. While your personal style might work great for you, it might not work for a potential buyer. While everyone knows that furniture can be moved and walls can be painted, this kind of logic doesn’t always work with homebuyers. Try to make sure all of the decor inside your home is as neutral as possible. Let your buyer’s imagination run wild in the less personalized spaces.

Make Your Home Visible

If you want a successful open house, you’ll need visitors. Far too many people try to advertise solely online, which really cuts down on the number of potential buyers. You need to go out of your way to make sure your home is visible, with all the traditional real-world signage that entails. Don’t just throw a sign in front of your home – place one at a busy intersection and have a series leading up to your home. If nothing else, this should drum up a bit of curiosity.

No-Show It

If you’ve got a real estate agent, you should stay away from the open house. Having the owners around when the house is being sold is awkward for everyone, so do yourself a favor and go see a movie. The more distance you put between yourself and the property, the easier it will be for a potential buyer to see himself or herself in the house.

Do whatever it takes to make your open house successful. Put in a little work now and you might be able to close on your home a bit faster. An open house is one of your best chances to get buyers interested in your property, so being willing to pull out all the stops – you never know when it might pay off.