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Location is the most important factor in any real estate transaction, which is why buyers must take time to assess the location of a new home prior to making a purchase. Understanding the safety, crime rate, and the resale value of a neighborhood is imperative. Not only does this matter for the safety and security of the new homeowners, but it also matters for future resale purchase. Real estate is an investment, and it’s not wise to make a purchase that’s not worth the return. Learning to assess a neighborhood helps.

Check the Crime Reports

Every city, town, or neighborhood can be checked for crime rates, statistics, and more online. There are also websites designed to check for sex offenders in every area of the country so potential buyers know where to look and what’s safe.

Check the Aesthetics

Nice homes in nice neighborhoods are well-kempt, they’re welcoming, and they are attractive. It doesn’t matter the cost of the homes because good neighborhoods come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Gated communities are helpful in determining whether a neighborhood is a good one, and one where the neighbors wave and the kids are playing outside can be a good indicator a neighborhood is a safe, good neighborhood.

Look for unkempt houses, cars on blocks, broken windows and vehicles, overgrown yards, and dilapidated homes. This is a sign of a neighborhood that’s seen better days, and it’s a sign that resale on a home might not be good. It’s also a sign the neighborhood might not be as safe as a buyer prefers.

Location, Location, Location

How close is the home from good schools? Is it within walking distance to stores, schools, and other entertainment? Is the accessibility good? Will it take 30 minutes to get to the store when a consumer needs to run an errand or is everything close enough to the neighborhood running errands is simple? Location matters to property value.

The neighborhood in which consumers want to live is personal. No two people want the same thing, but many people have no idea what to look for when shopping for a home. These basic tips help buyers understand where to begin and how to narrow their focus on finding the perfect home for their family.