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Within the walls of your home, you’ve lived and you’ve loved, but sometimes, you may wonder if your home could use just a little more love. When considering which of projects to tackle, it’s worth knowing what will really benefit your home and your pocketbook. Take a look at projects that can help you to boost your home’s resale value!

Get a Home Inspection

Just like how we go to the doctor for regular checkups, it’s a good idea to get your home checked, too. Especially if you plan to put it on the market, it’s best to know about any major repairs to complete before the house comes under contract. Once you know the bare bones are in good shape, you can move forward to the repairs that please the eye.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Replace appliances. Add a splash of color on the walls. Paint a faux-wood look onto your cabinets. Or better yet, replace those cabinets! Even the little details, like hanging pots or a stainless steel island, will be appealing to the eye but not cost a fortune.

The kitchen is the number one selling point for any home. And if you intend on staying, it will be a place where friends and family gather. Start small, make sure it’s in your budget, and don’t discount the small touches that make it beautiful.

Renew the Bathroom

An upgraded tile shower or jetted tub will definitely scream ‘HOME’ to any potential buyer. And it’s something you can certainly enjoy before you sell! A deep cleaning of tile and grout as well as replacing outdated lighting and sinks will give it a fresh, clean feel.

Check for Curb Appeal

First impressions count. Take a step outside, take a picture, filter it to black & white, and see if you’re still enthused with your home’s exterior. Plant some flowers, trim the hedges or paint that door bright red. You won’t be disappointed.

So which projects bring real value? Weigh the pros and cons of fixing to sell versus remodeling to stay. Take your time in deciding the details of what you want and what you can afford. Whether you are reselling or staying, planning will ensure you’re spending money on what truly increases the look and value of your home. Start in one room and watch your home transform.