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For those looking to buy or sell a home, real estate apps can be an important source of information in their search strategy. Here are some of the most popular and useful apps that can be found on mobile devices:


Since the introduction of social media and the internet, the real estate market has been shaken up in a big way. One of the most obvious signs of this is Zillow, which competes directly against traditional real estate agencies. It is a great service for homes sold by owners, as well as an alternative way of listing homes for real estate agents. With social media integration, a customizable interface, and access to lenders for putting money down on the home, it’s a great app for any buyer or seller.


Redfin is the swiss army knife of real estate apps: With listings widely used by realtors, foreclosure notifications, and short sales, it has just about everything useful in one app.


Xome has great search tools that are useful in refining searches. A neat feature, “Xome Zoom,” allows users to get very specific results for their home search. As with other apps, it can also ease contact with real estate agents in the area or those showing off a home that is of interest.


Trulia has an appealing UI and menu that merges photos, house plans and information on prospects all at the touch of a button. Using Trulia’s affordability calculator, it’s easy to make sure all hidden costs are added on to the full breakdown of what a house might cost in an estimate. has a great relationship with realtors, and boasts more home listings than any other app. It is useful when running around town, as it has a feature that allows users to snap a picture of a for sale sign and instantly browse its details in the app!


Homesnap is a unique app that allows buyers to take a picture of a home to get estimated details about it and the area. Any further questions can be answered by direct access to realtors through the app via social media or a call.


For privacy-conscious users, Dwellr is a great choice. Unlike other apps which share information directly with realtors and can result in unwanted calls, Dwellr was created by the US Census bureau with users’ personal security in mind.