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If you’re thinking about building your dream home, you may have questions about what’s involved in the process. One of the biggest challenges is in learning who has a hand in helping you realize your dream. Once you know which professionals will be required to contribute to building your home, you’ll be better prepared to make a strategy.



The architect is probably the first professional you’ll have to consult, though he or she will remain involved throughout the process. Initially, the architect will help you design your dream home and will develop the plans and specifications to ensure the finished product will match your dreams.

As construction begins, the architect will take on the role of project coordinator to ensure contractors and construction crews comply with the plans. It will be helpful to have the architect involved, especially if a problem occurs that requires a modification of the original plans.



The engineer will also be involved early in the process. Working together with the architect, the engineer will ensure the plans are structurally sound. He will help to make certain that the plans for the home are possible and that the finished home will be a reliable and durable structure.



This individual works in conjunction with the architect, however, some people choose to work solely with a draftsperson to save on the costs of hiring the architect. The draftsperson draws plans and blueprints for the home to scale. These are the plans that the construction crew, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors will follow in building your home.



The surveyor is another necessary professional in that they conduct a survey of the land to look at the physical features of the property. This can help avoid additional costs by making sure the planned construction won’t cross property line boundaries or require modifications, due to the contours of the land.



This person supervises the construction of the home to ensure everything goes according to plan. Additionally, a builder can also perform the functions of the project manager and the land surveyor. The builder will also oversee the work of tradesmen, such as plumbers and electricians. As the builder is responsible for so many tasks, it’s important to take your time and choose the best possible professional. Ask friends and co-workers for referrals and consult your local builders union for additional resources.



As previously mentioned, you will need to hire an electrician to install wiring and a plumber to install the home’s plumbing and piping. Additionally, you may need to hire roofers, concrete layers, gas fitters, landscapers, etc. Of course, it depends on the construction plans for the home and the amenities your home will have, so consult your builder to determine which tradesmen will be needed.



Finally, the certifier is a city employee who ensures your home is built in compliance with the local codes. This means making sure the home will be a safe construction and that it complies with city and state regulations. At each phase of the process, it will be up to the certifier to approve the project to move forward. This helps to ensure you won’t build something that violates laws.


As you can see, the construction process is complex and requires the hands of many professionals. While you may be able to make do without the involvement of some professionals, you’ll have to make sure that others can perform their tasks with efficiency. Cutting too many corners may mean a home that doesn’t meet specifications or will ultimately fall apart over time.